130.00 DKK

The 2 lazy wolf brothers

This is the story about 2 lazy wolf brothers. They think it is a waste of time to work on getting food and preparing it.

But then what are 2 hungry, lazy, clever wolves to do?

Children of all ages can read the book. The book is a perfect gift for children.

All the illustrations are in black and white and can be coloured in.

Teaser from Chapter 1

Ready for a story? Well then, here we go.

It all began on a frosty Tuesday afternoon. Once upon a time, 2 lazy wolf brothers lived in a forest way up north. They just had each other. No family nearby — it was just the 2 of them.

One of the wolves liked to read; he always, always, carried a book around. The other wolf loved listening to music. He took a radio wherever he went.

They didn’t really say much to each other — except when they got up and went to bed. “Good night,” they’d say and the day after “good morning.”

Price: 130,00 DKK. The book is printed on 120g paper in Denmark.


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